1. Last year when my sister in law and I froze our sweet corn she brought magic…Two words..ELECTRIC KNIFE. I had one I got as a wedding gift I had yet to use that I was contemplating getting rid of. When she brought hers over I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it. I am not kidding it took our cutting the corn off the cob time in half!

  2. I made this year’s ago with my mother-in-law and didn’t remember exactly how we did it, so I appreciated this. I do remember that we used an electric knife to zip the corn off the cobb….it works wonders!!

  3. We cook ours in a big 18-qt electric Nesco roaster before we freeze it.. You can cook quite a bit at one time.

      • I did took corn off the cob and made and froze it this way…..very easy and tasty. I’m going to freeze the cobbs for meals later and I also took 4 corn on the cobs in the husks and just froze them to see if they get mushy. Testing freezing this year.

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